Archive Storage

Archive storage Northern Ireland.

We are all now living in a much different environment living with the COVID-19.

At Store it self-storage Coleraine we have adapted part of our storage ideas to create  archive storage to help our customers adapt to the way we live today.

If you are working from home, Even office and need to free up space in your office or home we at Store it have it all under control.


Storage Space

For archive storage you have came to the correct site for storage.

We can supply two types of storage space or those large or small businesses.

Full storage unit size would be 20ft long x 8 ft long x 8 ft high equals to 1172 cubic feet.

Half storage unit would be 20ft long x 4ft wide x 8ft high.


How secure is my storage?

At store it Coleraine we would like to say we have a great security on site.

We have the latest technology when it comes to CCTV.
Our site is secure with 24/7 recording CCTV which covers the whole storage yard.

We also have motion sensors of the activity when out of hours.

At store it we have office onsite with staff on call.

All storage units are new and secure.


Access to my storage

Now your in control of your storage unit with access available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We can offer a collection and delivery service of your archive storage available at short notice. Delivery service available  Monday – Friday only.

All data on site is strictly confidential.

Feel free to drop in for a visit.