Secure offsite storage

Data is changing the world, how Secure Offsite Storage can help.

Data security and accessibility, gone are the days of boxes of files being stored in a broom cupboard or unsecured basement. Businesses are now more than ever accountable for the information they hold and the security of it. The security of the information is paramount now more than ever and with the upcoming changes from GDPR. Secure offsite storage allows you to take steps to help meet the requirements demanded in this data driven age.

Filing cabinetsBy using Store It NI’s secure offsite storage solutions to securely store this information, you will have peace of mind knowing that;

  1. You can restrict access to selected staff, controlling access to information demonstrates that you take security very seriously.
  2. Ensure files are kept clean and dry, using our well ventilated and fully insulated lock boxes means that no matter what happens at your premises, the information offsite is in the same condition you left it in.
  3. Free up more space to generate more potential business, make better use of this space by re-purposing it to do what you do best.
  4. Only pay for what you need when you need it, don’t pay premium rent in your business space to store information.

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